Glory Development Centre (GDC) FAQ

Please follow the link to sign your child up to the trial.


What time does my child arrive at Yokine Reserve?

Please arrive 20 minutes before the trial is due to start to seek registration and a Trial Number.

What is the trial number?                  

The trial number is written on his wrist to allow each player to be easily identifiable with the names on our registration list. Players are to keep this number throughout the trial process.

My child plays up an age group for their club, what age bracket should I register too?

Please register your child to the year they were born, this allows your child to trial with other children of his age group, allowing them to express themselves on a level equal to other trialist.

My child was involved in the 2016-2017 Glory Development Centre, do they need to re-trial?

Yes, please register for the 2018-2019 GDC trials.

What if we’re on holidays or have other commitments for both trial dates?

Email  with the time frame you will be away – please appreciate that extended holidays or other commitments will allow limited opportunities to trial.

What if my Child can’t make one of the trials?

Please attend as many trials as your availability allows, however, after the first two open trials conclude opportunities are extended on an invitation only basis.

How many trials does my child attend?

Your child will be able to attend two open trials that we advertise. Trials after this are on an “Invite Only” basis.

Can the Parent group watch the trials?

Yes, but please keep your distance from the playing group as the trials are a technical process for Football Staff and Players only.

Do I need to accompany my child onto the field?

Once your child has signed in and received their trial number, the coaches will advise of the next step.

If my son doesn’t make it through the trials this year, can he trial again next year?

Yes, absolutely. Sometimes players who aren’t ready to play representative football yet can move past current players that have been “Selected” in previous squads.

If I have further questions?

Please respect the trials process is a busy time for the team of coaches. The Head Coach is happy to answer questions after the trials have finished on the day.


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