What time does my child arrive at the venue? Please arrive 20 minutes before the trial is due to start.
What does my child do when he arrives at the venue? Find the coaching staff for instructions.
Do I need to accompany my child onto the field? No, the coaching staff will look after all potential players.
When does my child receive his trial number? Before the trial starts, from the coaching staff.
What is the trial number? The trial number is written on his wrist to allow each player to be easily identifiable with the names on our registration list. He is to keep this number throughout the trial process for all sessions.
When does the session finish? We’ll begin to warm down the group fifteen minutes before the end of the allocated timeslot.
How many trials does my child attend?

Your child will be able to attend all open trials unless advised otherwise by our technical staff. All trials after the advertised dates are “Invite Only”

What if my son can’t make one of the trials? Please attend as many trials as your availability allows, however, it is better for the technical staff to view the player as much as possible.
What if we’re on holidays or have other commitments for both trial dates? Email with the timeframe you will be away, however, please appreciate there is no guarantee our technical staff will be able to assess the player outside our designated timeframes.
Can a Parent/Guardian watch the trials? Yes, but please keep your distance from the playing group as the trials are a technical process for staff and players only.
If my son doesn’t make it through the trials this year, can he trial again next year? Yes, absolutely. Sometimes players who aren’t ready to play representative football yet can move past players that have been “Selected” in previous squads.
What is the best advice to give my son when trialing? Relax, enjoy and work as hard as you can to play your best.
How are the successful and unsuccessful candidates communicated with post trials? Our technical staff will collate all the information, review all coach opinions and provide feedback via email, phone call or in person.
If I have further questions? The Head Coach is happy to answer questions after the trials have finished on the day


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