Retro Corner: Christmas with Ante and Bobby

Bobby D in the net


Just sometimes, when combing through the archives for Retro Corner material, we stumble across pictures that are simply too good to go past.

And sometimes they speak so proudly for themselves that we don't have to do much more than post them and then sit back and admire them.

Such is the case with these shots of Ante Kovacevic and Bobby Despotovski taken before the inaugural Hyundai A-League season started back in 2005.

Now, we're not sure exactly what the brief for the shoot was, why Bobby opted to do his best impression of a deranged crayfish, or what prompted Ante to treat it as an audition for The Bachelor before the show even existed.

But quite frankly, when the shots are this entertaining, who cares?

If we really need an excuse to validate running them, could it be said that Bobby's expression sums up the Christmas experience for those of us with young children, while Ante's demeanour represents just how relaxing the big day can be when you don't have an over-excited 4-year-old bouncing on your head at 4.30am?

Maybe, maybe not.

But if Bobby and Ante's pictures have brought even a half-smile to your face today, that's job done.