Never mind Jason Bourne... here's Jason Petkovic!

As the countdown to Friday's 2017/18 QBE Most Glorious Player Awards night continues, we thought we'd look back at some club legends of the past.

Jason Petkovic certainly fits that category, having made nearly 200 combined NSL and A-League appearances for Glory and picked up two NSL Championship medals along the way.

But rather than trot out some familiar pictures of the Spearwood local in action on the field, we delved a bit more deeply into the archives and came up with this rather splendid video shot back in 2005.

Just to set the scene, the inaugural A-League season was about to start, the Pussycat Dolls (featuring Busta Rhymes) were at number one with 'Don't Cha' and Jason?

Well, Jason was up a ladder in his Glory tracksuit doing an unspecified bit of work on his guttering, when this happened...