The Bumper Lockdown Quiz Is Back!

With WA returning to lockdown this week, why not enjoy a little bit of "you time" and have a crack at our bumper Glory quiz?

With the club now in its 25th year, we've gone for 25 questions to get your grey matter into gear and you can find the answers and check your rating at the end.

Good luck!

1) Who scored Glory's first ever AFC Champions League goal?

a) Bruno Fornaroli b) Carlo Armiento c) Jonathan Aspropotamitis

2) Which was the first national team managed by former Glory Head Coach Bernd Stange?

Bernd Stange talking to players 2

a) East Germany b) Poland c) Iraq

3) Forward Chris Harold joined Glory in 2012 having started his career with which other A-League club?

a) Brisbane Roar b) Gold Coast United c) North Queensland

4) Ex-Glory midfielder Ivan Ergic made over 200 appearances for which Swiss club?

Ivan Ergic

a) FC Basel b) Young Boys c) Grasshoppers

5) Who was the only Glory player to score during the 2019 Grand Final penalty shootout?

a) Juande b) Diego Castro c) Joel Chianese

6) Where was current Glory midfielder Callum Timmins born?

Glory v Adelaide United 2021 - Callum Timmins challenging

a) Manchester b) Birmingham c) Bournemouth

7) Who holds Glory's all-time record for Westfield W-League appearances?

a) Sam Kerr b) Marianna Tabain c) Shannon May

8) Which Head Coach led Glory to the 2014 Westfield W-League Grand Final?

a) Bobby Despotovski b) Jamie Harnwell c) Nicola Williams

9) Legendary Glory 'keeper Jason Petkovic spent the 2004-05 season playing in which European country?

Jason Petkovic with two balls 2

a) Serbia b) Turkey c) Greece

10) At which current away A-League venue do Glory have their highest win percentage?

a) McDonald Jones Stadium b) AAMI Park c) Bankwest Stadium

11) How many goals did Nikita Rukavytsya score during his 42 appearances for the club between 2007 and 2009?

Nikita Rukavytsya v Jets

a) 14 b) 16 c) 20

12) Glory's first ever home win, in November 1996, came against which club?

a) Newcastle Breakers b) Adelaide City c) Canberra Cosmos

13) Defender Jamie Coyne left Glory in 2004 to play for which Dutch club?

a) Ajax b) Den Haag c) PSV Eindhoven

14) What was Tony Popovic's A-League win ratio during his two seasons in charge of Glory?

Glory v Mariners - Hub - Tony Popovic watching

a) 52.6% b) 42.6%  c)62.6%

15) Glory hosted which Scottish side in a 2011 pre-season friendly?

a) Rangers b) Aberdeen c) Celtic

16) Who took charge of Glory for the remainder of the 2005-06 season after Steve McMahon parted company with the club following Round 15?

a) Alan Vest b) Ron Smith c) Dave Mitchell

17) Jamie Harnwell scored a hat-trick for Glory against which club in Round 14 of the 2006-07 season?

Jamie Harnwell celebrates v Victory in 2010

a) Newcastle Jets b) New Zealand Knights c) Queensland Roar

18) Glory made a pre-season visit to which country ahead of the 2019-19 campaign?

a) Philippines b) Indonesia c) Malaysia

19) How many A-League goals has Andy Keogh scored for Glory?

Andy Keogh fist bump

a) 55 b) 60 c) 65

20) Where was Glory midfielder Neil Kilkenny born?

a) Australia b) England c) Ireland

21) Who won the W-League Most Glorious Player Award in 2016?

a) Sam Kerr b) Vanessa DiBernardo c) Collette McCallum

22) Who scored Glory's first goal of the current Westfield W-League campaign?

a) Gemma Craine b) Katarina Jukic c) Caitlin Doeglas

23) Former Glory defender Scott Neville is now playing in the Indian Super League for which club?

Scott Neville celebration

a) East Bengal b) Kerala Blasters c) Mumbai City

24) Ex-Glory midfielder Gyorgy Sandor won nine senior caps for which European country?

a) Romania b) Hungary c) Slovakia

25) How many goals did Bruno Fornaroli score for Glory last season?

Bruno Fornaroli celebration face v Sydney FC

a) 11 b) 12 c) 13

Answers: 1) c, 2) a, 3) b, 4) a, 5) a, 6) b, 7) c, 8) b, 9) b, 10) a, 11) b, 12) c, 13) b, 14) a, 15) c, 16) a, 17) b, 18) c, 19) a, 20) a, 21) b, 22) c, 23) a, 24) b, 25) c


0-8 - Bearing in mind that everyone's a little sensitive due to lockdown, we don't want to be too harsh, but really?! Must try harder!

9-16 - That's more like it! Loving your work!

17-25 - We are in the presence of quiz royalty! Wear your glorious crown (and face mask, of course) with pride!